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  • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
  • Body Type: XXL
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Eye Color:
  • Looking For: Woman
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Interesed In:Group Sex
  • Hair Length: Medium
  • Favorite Category: Black
  • I Have:Piercing
  • Sex Thhings I like: Blowjob
  • Education: unknown
  • Favorite Position: Doggy Style
  • Occupation:
  • Languages: English
  • Interests: unknown
  • Favorite Movies: unknown
  • Favorite Music: unknown
  • Favorite Books: unknown

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07 April, 2017 :

Unquenchable desires linger ever so close to the surface threatening to boil over. Not to be taken as something bad merely as something that s changing . unsure where I stand in any of this or am I merely on my knees begging for more. Always begging and waiting but still strong and insatiable. Mmm that sweetness calls

12 March, 2017 :

That chemistry will never die. We need to connect again and will. What's real is what lasts. How we are to each other sexually only gets better and will last forever.

12 March, 2017 :

Im working on it....

12 March, 2017 :

So much has changed but I still find myself thinking of you and glad I got the vids to keep it fresh in my mind that great chemistry still exists

16 February, 2017 :

New things are definitely happening only time will tell if it was really worth it. Although moving forward and yes I'm looking forward to updating this forum regularly he'll never be you.

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