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  • Sexual Orientation:
  • Body Type: XXL
  • Relationship Status:
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Looking For: Swingers
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Interesed In:Group Sex
  • Hair Length: Medium
  • Favorite Category: Swingers
  • I Have:Piercing
  • Sex Thhings I like: Licking
  • Education: He has HS & tech school training. She has HS
  • Favorite Position: 69
  • Occupation: Him retired, Her housewife
  • Languages: English
  • Interests: Watching movies, Raising our teenage kids, Taking care of our pets and when we can meet up with one of our friends/females or couples at a nice hotel for a party/fuckfest/photoshoot (he will meet with females/couples by himself but I will only meet with females/couples if my husband is with me
  • Favorite Movies: Hard to say but Sex in the City (the movie) is right up there at the top alongside others
  • Favorite Music: Him- county, classic rock & blues Her- pretty much everything except really heavy metal, classical music & dubstep
  • Favorite Books: How about favorite magazine? Her-cosmo & just about any lingerie mag. Him-anything to do with hot rods, motorcycles or sex

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19 January, 2017 :

I changed our avatar to a close up photo of only my pussy as we are celebrating me (my) pussy's 40th birthday I try to take care of her and give her everything she needs I feel like she's doing pretty good for her age especially since she has been destroyed 3 different times (had our 3 sons) who ever taken the time and read this please give me your opinion I realize that you have a sight only view and can't go "IN-DEPTH" in this area I'll add a new album with a pic from 20 years ago so you can have a before and after view

29 April, 2016 :

Hey add me your wife is hot

18 April, 2016 :

Hey add me

18 January, 2016 :

Please add me. Love your vids, what a lovely lady!

22 October, 2015 :

Let's web chat

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